About us


We are a private investment company focused on business development. Incorporated 2013 with registered office in London, the main operation office is situated in Prague, as we are now mostly active in central European markets.

What we do

Leading with passion for inovation, simplicity and results.

Real estate

Strongly experienced in real estate, extending services with passion for unique aproach and customer experience.

Corporate investments

Investing in corporate shares or directly in companies as a principal. Designing and managing private collective investments.

Business development

Starting and supporting new business projects with high growth potencial. Managing our companies.

Our mission & values

The quality may have many forms. For us, when launching new brand or project, we allways think about added value. The statement is to fill blank space of missing customer experience and desired simplicity.


Registered office:

London, UK:

  • Email:group@naratax.eu
  • Phone:+44 (0) 70 319 99 924